Constructing company "TэDИC" LTD

We save your money.
As well as time, efforts and nerves.

«TэDИC»  company  offers a full range of services required to implement virtually any construction project.
Charging the full range of work to one contractor, you get a quality result, spending the minimum of efforts.
You can also order any separate service for the design or conduct of any particular type of work in our company.
The company specializes in professional design, complex construction, device engineering systems, repair and high-quality office decoration, shopping centers, shops and industries, houses and cottages.

The area, which you have chosen for the construction, will be remodeled if it necessary.

Professional team of builders and installers in the shortest time will produce the foundation and walls.

At the final stage will be done the facade work, using the most advanced technologies and materials.

We will prepare a design project, which will take into account all the features of your building to create a comfortable harmonious visual atmosphere and maximum comfort.

After that will be agreed upon the estimates of work and our workers will realize the project to life with the inherent professionalism and perfection.
The advantage of the company «TэDИC» is an integrated approach to design and conduct of all types of work. Knowing all nuances of architectural, engineering, technology and design projects, we develop the most effective solutions in technological and economical meaning.